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GAWL's Long and Proud History

Founded in 1928

For over 94 years, GAWL has played a strong and decisive role in the evolution of not only the role of Georgia's women lawyers, but in the legal history of Georgia in general. Did you know that GAWL had the only female member on the Warren Commission? Or that we've had numerous Presidents of the National Association of Women Lawyers? Or that GAWL played the decisive role in allowing women to serve on juries in Georgia? 

justice carole hunstein greets ruby crawford at 2008 gawl annual dinner
gawl annual dinner

Pictured (Left), Justice Carole Hunstein greets Ruby Crawford at the 2008 GAWL Annual Dinner. If you have information or historic documents that are relevant to the history of women lawyers in Georgia, please contact the GAWL communications committee.

Past GAWL Presidents

2020-21 Veronica Higgs Cope

2019-20 Christina Baugh

2018-19 Cheryl Legare

2017-18 Michelle E. West

2016-17 Alicia Grahn Jones

2015-16 Laurie Vickery

2014-15 Cindy Manning

2013-14 Cristina Leon

2012-13 Susan Campbell

2011-12 Lindsay Verity

2010-11 Pilar Prinz

2009-10 Amy Quackenboss

2008-09 Christian Torgrimson

2007-08 Lee Wallace

2006-07 Annette Idalski

2005-06 Stephanie Friese Aron

2004-05 Laurie Speed

2003-04 Rebecca Godbey Cummings

2002-03 Stacy E. Hyken

2001-02 Elizabeth (Beth) T. Baer

2000-01 Jill A. Pryor

1999-00 Kimberly A. Warden

1998-99 Nancy J. Whaley

1997-98 Laura B. Kurlander

1996-97 Shayna M. Steinfeld

1995-96 Romaine L. White

1994-95 Jeannette Hait Blanco

1993-94 Patricia A. Gorham

1992-93 Carol R. Naughton

1991-92 Susan L. Howick

1990-91 Mary A. Prebula

1989-90 Elaine G. Levine

1987-89 Elizabeth J. Appley

1986-87 Hon. Wendy L. Shoob

1985-86 Elizabeth M. Leonard

1984-85 Virginia B. Garrett

1983-84 Savannah Potter-Miller

1982-83 Eileen M. Crowley

1981-82 Carol Buscail-Smith

1980-81 Gail McKnight Beckman

1979-80 Dallas P. Jankowski

1978-79 Tobaine Schwartz

1977-78 Mary Dozzier Pallotta

1976-77 Martha Robertroy

1975-76 Hon. Dorothy T. Beasley

1974-75 Margaret Ware Deimling

1973-74 Hon. Dorothy A. Robinson

1972-73 Hon. Effie A. Mahan

1971-72 Annette M. Risse

1970-71 Nancy Merrill Hunt

1969-70 Alfredda Scobey

1968-69 Margie Pitts Hames

1967-68 Elizabeth M. Baker

1966-67 Bessie W. McCorvey

1965-66 Louise Busby

1964-65 D. Jane Marshall

1963-64 Caroline Franklin

1962-63 Nancy S. Cheves

1961-62 Ruth Sills

1960-61 Ruth Thompson Barber

1959-60 Doris Brown Paul

1958-59 Geneva Garner

1957-58 Sarah Francis McDonald

1956-57 Ruth M. Crawford

1955-56 Anne Hyer Smith

1954-55 Ruby M. Crawford

1952-54 Tommie Parrish Boling

1951-52 Mary E. Wright

1950-51 Grace W. Thomas

1949-50 Readie Ashurst

1948-49 Velma Setzer

1947-48 Margaret H. Fairleigh

1946-47 Carolyn Pennisi King

1945-46 Irene G. Nichols

1944-45 Eunice Johnson

1943-44 Lillian Harclerode

1940-41 Daphne Robert Leeds

1939-40 Gertrude Harris

1938-39 Kate McDougald

1937-38 Mildred L. Kingloff

1936-37 Edgarta Horton Moss

1935-36 Gladys T. Medlock

1934-35 Lillie Scheck Rosenthal

1933-34 Estelle Turner

1932-33 Marie C. Anderson

1931-32 Mary Tannebaum Neff

1930-31 Minnie McDowell Johnson

1929-30 Betty R. Cobb

1928-29 Minnie Hale Daniel