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Member Spotlight: Savannah Potter-Miller

A trail-blazer in many respects, Judge Savannah Potter-Miller was the first African-American GAWL President as well as the first African-American woman prosecutor for the State of Georgia. She also served as an Administrative Judge. She graduated from Rutgers University Law School.

Currently, she is the managing attorney in an Atlanta law group focusing on appellate practice, administrative law, criminal defense practice, and employment and condemnation law. Outside of her practice she has been a Delegate-At-Large for the ABA, a Founding Member of the National Bar Association Women’s Division, among other positions as well as a lecturer and author on issues regarding veterans' claims law, veterans' benefits and Veteran Treatment Courts. 

To aspiring lawyers, she would give the following advice from Rutgers University Law School Professor Arthur Kinoy: "the existence of lawyers who identify with the needs and aspirations of people whose interests and human rights have traditionally been underrepresented challenges the legal process and those who administer it. Lawyers must be prepared to devote sustained advocacy for the principles of the fair administration of justice.” 

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 September 09, 2020